Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Monkey Island Travel Posters

Artwork by: Nemiant

I bring Disney Villain pics!

These complement the collection of Disney Princesses pictures I posted up a couple of days ago. Because I wanted to use the same mesh as before for both sets so you can mix/match as you wish, these are all seperate .package files in the .rar.

Btw, I forgot to credit the artist in my last post and I feel pretty bad for that, so is a link to her deviantart - she has loads of wonderful pieces in her gallery.

Monday, 25 February 2013

And one more set for today....

I bring you a collection of pictures of Adam Ant, to celebrate his successful musical comeback, sell-out tour and brilliant new album. Also, I happen to think he looks rather yummy for a 58 year old. :D

Long time, no post! I bring paintings!

So, I decided one day to see if I could follow a tutorial and learn how to make custom paintings for Sims 3! This is one of my first attempts at making them, so yes, each picture is a seperate .package file but since I made these, I have learned how to put more than one picture into a single .package file, so this will not be the case in future downloads! :)

Hope you guys like! :)